Selected Publications


Clara Bodelón, Mazyar Fallah, and John H. Reynolds (2007) Temporal Resolution for the Perception of Features and Conjunctions. The Journal of Neuroscience, 2007 January; 27(4):725-730  Download this article.


Kristy Sundberg, Mazyar Fallah, and John H. Reynolds (2006) A Motion-Dependent Distortion of Retinotopy in Area V4. Neuron 49; 447-457. Download this article.
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Stoner GR, Mitchell JF, Fallah M, Reynolds JH. (2005) Interacting competitive selection in attention and binocular rivalry. Prog Brain Res. 2005;149:227-34.


Khoe W, Mitchell JF, Reynolds JH, Hillyard SA. (2005) Exogenous attentional selection of transparent superimposed surfaces modulates early event-related potentials. Vision Res. 2005 Nov;45(24):3004-14.
Download this article.


Reynolds J.H. and Chelazzi L. (2004) Attentional Modulation of Visual Processing. Annual Review of Neuroscience. 2004 Jul;27:611-647.  Download this article.   


Mitchell, J.F., Stoner, G.R. and Reynolds, J.H. (2004) Object-Based Attention Determines Dominance in Binocular Rivalry. Nature, 2004 May; Vol 429:410-413  Download this article.  


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Reynolds J.H. and Desimone R (2003) Interacting Roles of Attention and Visual Salience in V4. Neuron. 2003 Mar 6;37(5):853-63.  Download this article.  


Mitchell J.F., Stoner G.R., Fallah M., and Reynolds J.H. (2003) Attentional selection of superimposed surfaces cannot be explained by modulation of the gain of color channels. Vision Research, 2003 Jun;43(12):1323-8.  Download this article.  


Reynolds, J.H., Alborzian, S., and Stoner, G.R. (2003) Exogenously cued attention triggers competitive selection of surfaces. Vision Research, 2003 Jan; 43(1):59-66.  Download this article.  


Reynolds, J.H., Gottlieb, J.P. and Kastner S. (2002) Attention, Fundamental Neuroscience Zigmond, Bloom, Landis, Roberts and Squire (Eds.), Academic Press.  


Fallah, M. and Reynolds, J.H. (2001) Attention! V1 neurons lining up for inspection, Neuron, 2001 Sep 13;31(5):674-5.  


Fries, P., Reynolds, J.H., Rorie, A.E, and Desimone, R. (2001) Modulation of Oscillatory Neuronal Synchronization by Selective Visual Attention, Science, 291: 1560-1563.  Download this article.  


Reynolds, J.H., Pasternak, T, and Desimone, R. (2000) Attention Increases Sensitivity of V4 Neurons, Neuron, 26:703-714.  Download this article.  


Reynolds, J.H., and Desimone, R. (1999) The Role of Neural Mechanisms of Attention in Solving the Binding Problem, Neuron, 24:19-29.  Download this article.  


Reynolds, J.H., Chelazzi, L., and Desimone, R. (1999) Competitive Mechanisms Subserve Attention in Macaque Areas V2 and V4, The Journal of Neuroscience, 19: 1736-1753.  Download this article.  



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